1×01- Pilot

Drift- Forty Foot Echo

24’s- T.I.

Hands Down- Dashboard Confessional

Farewell Transmission- Songs: Ohia

Never Enough- Bosshouse

Your Boyfriend Sucks- The Ataris

Money Bags- Runaway Cab

The Aftertaste- Ben Lee

Are You Gonna Be My Girl?- Jet

Lapdance- N.E.R.D.

What It Is To Burn- Finch

Rest in Pieces- Saliva

EZ- Pete Yorn

1×02- The Places You Have Come Fear The Most

Overdue- The Get Up Kids

Switchback- Celldweller

Hard to Find- American Analog Set

Beside Me- Forty Foot Echo

To Hell With Good Intentions- McLusky

She’s Got It So Phat- Bosshouse

Echo- Vertical Horizon

Further- Longview

Belief- Gavin DeGraw

1×03- Are You True?

You Own Me- Sense Field

Glad to Be Alive- Low Flying Owls


How Good It Can Be- The 88

Shoulder- Cactus Groove

Hang- Mojo Monkeys

Multiply- Forty Foot Echo

Silence Is Easy- Starsailor

Multiply- Forty Foot Echo

Stones- Pete Francis

You Dance- Eastmountainsouth

1×04- Crash Into You

Freetime- Kenna

Hopes and Dreams- Buva

Whatcha Gonna Do- Sprung Monkey

Taken for a Ride- AM Radio

Shake It Down- Bosshouse

Empty Apartment- Yellowcard

Return to Me- Matthew Ryan

1×05- Where I End and You Begin

Remedy- Hot Water Music

Hard to Find- American Analog Set

I Was On A Mountain- Hot Water Music

Want to Be Bad- Tegan & Sara

I Don’t Want To Be- Gavin DeGraw

Glad To Be Alive- Low Flying Owls

Many Rivers to Cross- Jimmy Cliff

1×06- Every Night Is Another Story

Cool Kids- Screeching Weasel

Holiday- The Get Up Kids

Impossible- Lucky Town

Seven x Eight- Anjali

Blueside- Rooney

Hypocrite- Jibe

Time Running- Tegan & Sara

Hedlights- Dispatch

1×07- Life in A Glass House

Play It Straight- Bosshouse

Kennedy- Kill Hannah

She’s Got It So Phat- Bosshouse

Pacific Ocean Blues- Gigolo Aunts

I’ll Always Love You- Michael Campion

She Will Be Loved- Maroon 5

Beautiful One- Jonny Lang

Say Yes- Elliot Smith / Bryan Greenberg

Calling All Angels- Train

1×08- The Search For Something More

Read All About It- Kyf Brewer

Street Survivor- The Flaming Sideburns

Sparks- The Man

Bad Circulation- Witchypoo

No Exit- Runaway Cab

Did It For The Drugs Supafuzz

Filter Factory- Dee

Time- Runaway Cab

Breaking Away- Bosshouse

Dare You To Move- Switchfoot

Untold- Pete Francis

1×09- With Arms Outstretched

Hanging On For Hope- The New Amsterdams

Push It Up- Cham Pain

Rain King- Counting Crows

Shabby Girl- The Electric Farm

Yesterdays- Pennywise

Fallen- Sarah McLachlan

Re-Offender- Travis

1×10- You Gotta Go There to Come Back

Re-Offender- Travis

Everything- Fefe Dobson

Be Different- Lori Denae

Downed- Cheap Trick

Girlfriend- The Band

Starting All Over- Jon Elliott

Bullet With Your Name On It- Lockgroove

Mindleak- Bryan Greenberg

Blue and White- Beth Waters

Lonely World- Bryan Greenberg

I Don’t Want To Be- Gavin DeGraw

1×11- The Living Years

Harder to Breathe- Maroon 5

Simple Again- Buva

I Met A Girl- Wheat

Everywhere She Goes- Across the Sky

She’s So Pretty- Kyf Brewer

Ship of Fools- World Party

Avalanche- Ryan Adams

The Shadowlands- Ryan Adams

1×12- Crash Course in Polite Conversation

Overdrive- Katy Rose

Fools At The Table- Matt Beckler

Maybe Tomorrow- Stereophonics

Escape- Smith Point

1×13- Hanging By a Moment

The One You Want- The Get Up Kids

Inside of Love- Nada Surf

Everybody Wants You- Josh Kelley

Leaving Trains- James William Hindle

Don’t Confess (This Thing That Breaks My Heart)- Tegan & Sara

All I Can Do- Sandstrom Thomas

Pink Bullets- The Shins

Brief Intermission- Rob Momary

Most Of The Time- Josh Canova

1×14- I Shall Believe

Swingset Chain- Loquat

Higher Than The Sun- Susan Calloway

Come Home Delilah- The Squirts

The Getaway- The Red Thread

I Shall Believe- Sheryl Crow

1×15- Suddenly Everything Has Changed

Here Without You- Jenn Shepard

If She Wants Me- Belle & Sebastian

Come On- Ben Jelen

Been Around The World- Extreme Music

Alien- Arco

It’s You That I Find- David Grahame

I Can’t Make Me- Butterfly Boucher

Need You Here- Jude

Lucky Man- Thomas Anderson

Dreaming- The Luxury Liners

Elsewhere- Bethany Joy Lenz

1×16- The First Cut is the Deepest

Big Ballin’ (Above The Rim)- Bigg Blue

Never Like This- Buva

There Goes the Neighborhood- Sheryl Crow

Parking- The Fuzz

Home- Sheryl Crow

Tiny Little Fractures- Snow Patrol

Bleed- Stone Dogs/GG

Lucky Kid- Sheryl Crow

Tell Your Story Walking- Deb Talan

He’ll Be Around- Boss Martians

Don’t Forget- Kid Gloves

Breaking Away- Bosshouse

Nothing- Smashtrax

It’s Only Love- Sheryl Crow

The First Cut Is The Deepest- Sheryl Crow

1×17- Spirit in the Night

One In Every Crowd- Viva Voce

Shadows Cast a Lie- James William Hindle

Looking For a Reason- Paul Trudeau

Slam- Midnight to Twelve

Good Girl, Bad Boy- Junior Senior

Shake Yer Booty- APM Music

Big Man On The Block- Black Toast

Get Naked- Black Toast

Mix It Up- Master Source

Kung Fu Fighting- Bus Stop feat. Carl Douglas

100 Years- Five For Fighting

All Kinds Of Time- Fountains Of Wayne

1×18- To Wish Impossible Things

Big Brat- Phantom Planet

Push It Up- Cham Pain

You Can Leave Your Hat On- Tom Jones

Fo Sho- Master Source

Ladies Night- Kool & The Gang

Nothing Can Change It- David Grahame

Without You- Tyrone Wells

You Bring Me- Pop

Not To Self: Don’t Die- Ryan Adams

It’s Over Now- Ricky Fante

Call Me Crazy- Marla Sokoloff

Been Around The World- Extreme Music

Just Be Simple- Songs: Ohia

1×19- How Can You Be Sure?

Someone Like You- Master Source

Coming Undone- Highwater Rising

Spitting Games- Snow Patrol

Wrecking Ball- Viva Voce

Broken- Hathaway

Heaven- The Fire Theft

Love In December- Club 8

Everybody Hurts- Dashboard Confessional

1×20- What Is And What Should Never Be

Get Your Soul Freak On- Bosshouse

Throw My Heart Away- Black Toast

Tested by History- Greg Hoy

Luzer- Super Bright Lights

Coming Back To You- Black Toast

Yo Money- Bosshouse

Spitting Games- Snow Patrol

Party All Night- Menotti

Fire In The Pouring Rain- The Blackouts

Bring It On- Master Source

I Believe In a Thing Called Love- The Darkness

What Do You Want- The Defendants

What’s Your Number?- Cypress Hill

Apart- The Cure

The Wish- Josh Canova

1×21- The Leaving Song

I Can’t Steal You- Matthew Ryan

Through The Blue- Evan & Jaron

No Tomorrow- The Blackouts

Revelry- Sea Ray

I Have Found Mine- The Blackouts

Time and Time Again- Chronic Future

Thrown Away- Vast

Once in Awhile- Gigolo Aunts

Suffering- Satchel

Don’t Take Your Love Away- Vast

1×22- The Games That Play Us

To You Alone- The Beta Band

More Than Anyone- Gavin DeGraw

The Way You Talk- Faraci

Evening Star- All India Radio

Breaking Away- Bosshouse

Nobody’s Perfect- Dioas

Stay- Michelle Featherstone

Where Are We Runnin’?- Lenny Kravitz

NYC Weather Report- Five For Fighting

Run- Snow Patrol

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