7×01- 4:30 AM (Apparently They Were Traveling Abroad)

Quicksand- Bethany Joy Galeotti (Everly)

Belated Promise Ring- Iron & Wine

Devil May Dance- A.J. Roach

Rock Paper Scissors- The Parlotones

Hollow Notes- Novi Split

That Look You Give That Guy- Eels

Heart- Annie Stela

Love Like A Sunset, Part II- Phoenix

Chasing The Daylight- Phillip LaRue

Out of Reach (So Far Away)- Matthew Perryman Jones

7×02- What Are You Willing To Lose

Concerto in E Minor Recorder, Flute, Strings And Basso Continuo- APM

Soldier On- The Temper Trap

She’s A Genius- Jet

Back Against The Wall- Cage the Elephant

Not A Love Song- Uh Huh Her

Black Champagne- The Starlight Mints

Autumn Eyes- Tin Star Orphans

Doorway- Io Echo

Hands- Blu Sanders

You Wait For Rain- Kyler England

Wonder- Jack Savoretti

7×03- Hold My Hand As I’m Lowered

Stilts- Tim Williams

Hollow Talk- Choir of Young Believers

Hey Na Na- Katie Herzig

Let It Out- Crash Boom Bang

Drifters (Walk Down To The Water)- Zaac Pick

Showdown- Black Eyed Peas

Welcome Home- Radical Face

Ozone Street- Tim Williams

Mom- Lucero

Born In The Spring- Stephen Kellogg & The Sixers

Last Confession- Sorta

Growing Old Is Getting Old- Silversun Pickups

7×04- Believe Me I’m Lying

Love’s Lost Guarantees- Rogue Wave

Rain At Your Door- The Aeroplanes

Help I’m Alive- Metric

Blood Oranges- Foreign Born

Come Back When You Can- Barcelona

Whatever It Takes- Tracy Shedd

Daily Turn- Beat Corp

Don’t Upset The Rhythm- Noisettes

Sunshine Coolin’- The Asteroids Galaxy Tour

Never Forget You- Noisettes

Goodnight & God Bless- Robin Foster

Sometimes- Noisettes

7×05- Your Cheatin’ Heart

Houses- Great Northern

How Could I Lose- James Yuill

Momma’s Boy- Elizabeth & The Catapult

Seeds Of Night- The Cave Singers

Bent- BandB

Burn My Eyes- Simon Kelly

Never Know- The Wooden Birds

Hey Darlin’ Do You Gamble?- Lucero

Deeper Side Of You- Phillip LaRue

7×06- Deep Ocean Vast Sea

I Want You So Bad I Can’t Breathe- OK Go

Love Lost- The Temper Trap

Plans and Reveries- Black Gold

All Time Low- Stacy Clark

Everyman- Guggenheim Grotto

Cheek Petit- Clark & Ware

Don’t Hold Your Breath- Athlete

Worry About It Later- Brakes (Brakesbrakesbrakes)

The Longing- Eels

Never Go Too Far- Oh Darling

First Chance- David Gray

To Build A Home- The Cinematic Orchestra

Leaving It- Novi Split

Feather In The Wind- Susie Suh

7×07- I and Love and You

Menace- Bjorn Baillie (La Rocca)

While We Have The Chance- Rosi Golan & Peter Bradley Adams (Eastmountainsouth)

Manic Boogie- The Shake

Belle of the Boulevard- Dashboard Confessional

Buried Treasure- Grant Lee Phillips

Whose Side Are You On?- Doubting Paris

I Won’t- Colbie Caillat

Angel Flying Too Close To The Ground- Willie Nelson

I And Love And You- The Avett Brothers

7×08- (I Just) Died In Your Arms Tonight

Moving In Stereo- The Cars

Pass The Dutchie- Musical Youth

You Break Me Down- Ryan Calhoun

Feels Like The End- Shane Alexander

You’ve Got Some Nerve- The Spies

Jamaican Bobsledding Chant- Austin Nichols

So He Won’t Break- The Black Keys

Inside These Lines- Trent Dabbs

Black Swan Song- Athlete

7×09- Now You Lift Your Eyes To The Sun

Silvia- Miike Snow

Left To Dry- Shaimus

Asleep On The Lawn- The Hampdens

Will You Be By Me- Wallpaper Airplanes

Listen- An Horse

Ballad of a Broken Heart- Jesse Glick

Have a Nice Day- Megha Maan

Maybe- Bethany Joy Galeotti & Amber Sweeney (Everly)

The 40th Century- John Elliot / The Hereafter

Kathleen- David Gray

A New Beginning- Endochine

7×10- You Are a Runner and I Am My Father’s Son

Letters From The Sky- Civil Twilight

Stranger Keeper- The Rescues

Down- Jason Walker

Let The Horses Loose- The Rescues

False River- AA Bondy

Electrical One- Quinn Marston

Gravitate- Lou Barlow

Baby I Need You- Kim Taylor

Where Do We Go- Bear Lake

Too Many Pills- Ryan McAllister

Hotblack- Oceanship

7×11- You Know I Love You… Don’t You?

Sweet Disposition- The Temper Trap

Jump For It- Jesse Johnson

Maybe- Bethany Joy Galeotti (Everly)

Odds of Being Alone- Trent Dabbs & Amy Stroup

Burn It Down- Color of Clouds

Gotta Give It To Em- Lexicon

Stars- Barcelona

Hair of the Dog- Nazareth

Trace of You- Peter Bradley Adams

Good Times- Susie Suh

Lour Love Is A Song- Switchfoot

7×12- Some Roads Lead Nowhere

Blue Skies- Noah and the Whale

As Much As I Ever Could- City and Colour

Mother- Jack Savoretti

Three Rounds and a Sound- Blind Pilot

The One Step- Jean Grae

Mama Said Knock You Out- LL Cool J

We Don’t Eat- James Vincent McMorrow

Until You Won Me Over- Trent Dabbs

Horizon- Rachael Yamagata

Waiting- City and Colour

Brooklyn- Wakey!Wakey!

7×13- Weeks Go By Like Days

Mama Said Knock You Out- LL Cool J

Flying Machine- Everly

Out Of The Day- Blue Judy

Been This Way Too Long (Look Alive)- Wait. Think. Fast.

Something To Hope For- The Undeserving

Funhouse- Pink

The Rain- Vedera

Girl In The Moon- Everly

We Belong- Everly

Never Gonna Be- Bethany Joy Galeotti

From Where You Are- Lifehouse

7×14- Family Affair

The Cure- Tegan and Sara

Does Life Begin Again- Ryan Webster

My Timing Is Off- Eels

If You’re Gone- Pleasure Bridge

Crystalised- The XX

Islands- The XX

Off Track- The Features

Bad Dream- Zaac Pick

Personality Overload- The Beat Seekers

Broke- So & So

Rewind- Diane Birch

7×15 Don’t You Forget About Me

(Don’t You) Forget About Me- Simple Minds

Know That I Would- Right the Stars

Cool Fool- Joel Bogen

The Lovecats- OK Go

4 Ferris- Geoff Grace

If You Were Here- Cary Brothers

I Want You To Want Me- Cheap Trick

Surrender- Cheap Trick

Everybody Knows- Cheap Trick

Bizarre Love Triangle- Sennen

Smile- Cheap Trick

7×16 My Attendance Is Bad But My Intentions Are Good

Brooklyn- Wakey! Wakey!

Carefree- Samantha Stollenwerck

Brooklyn Blurs- The Paper Raincoat

Glass- Ross Copperman

Lost and Found- Kim Taylor

Where You Are- Low-Fi

On Her Way- Shelly Fraley

All The Beautiful Things- Eels

Far End of the Black- J.R. Richards

Lullaby- One Republic

Hold Onto Hope Love- Amy Stroup

7×17 At The Bottom of Everything

The Dress Looks Nice On You- Sufjan Stevens

Zero Tolerance- Bart Hendrickson

The Candle Burned Out- Shout Out Louds

Leaving For The West- Blue Judy

Same Way Twice- Trent Dabbs

Too Hot To Stop- Marc Ferrari & Steve Plunkett

Everything Went Down-Kate Tucker & The Sons of Sweden

Fragments- Rocky Votolato

I Love You Just Because- Bosshouse Music LLC

Lucky Clover Coin- Rocky Votolato

Look Back On- Trent Dabbs

Down and Dirty- Michael Mulholland

November- Gemma Hayes

7×18 The Last Day of Our Acquaintance

Clap (See The Stars)- The Myrmidons

Middle of June- Noah Gundersen

Open Your Eyes- Andrew Belle

Carrollton- Shane Alexander

Last Day- Ari Herstand

God Knows- Fay Wolf

Towards the Sun- Alexi Murdoch

Landslide- Fleetwood Mac

I Shall Believe- Sheryl Crow

7×19 Every Picture Tells A Story

Enough To Let Me Go- Switchfoot

Car Crash- Wakey! Wakey!

You’re Gonna Break My Heart Someday- The Idyllists

August Moon- Dylan In The Movies

Rock And Roll All Nite- Kiss

All for the Taking- Turtle Giant

Who Who (Becoming Who We Are)- Midnight Hour

Substitutes- The Windupdeads

Control- JJ Heller

Make You Feel My Love- Adele

Black Tables- Other Lives

7×20 Learning to Fail

Not In Love- Olin & The Moon

Flying Machine- Everly

Sunlight- Turtle Giant

Love’s Not Worth It- Lee & Wilbee

Dance So Good (instrumental)- Wakey! Wakey!

July Flame- Laura Veirs

Beat The Devil’s Tattoo- Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

Beat Through- Turtle Giant

My Heart Still Beats For You- Anna Ternheim

Dance So Good- Wakey! Wakey!

The Heart Won’t Be Denied- Colin Devlin

7×21 What’s In The Ground Belongs To You

The Sound of Silence- Simon & Garfunkel

On Your Way- The Little Heroes

Angel Flying Too Close to the Ground- Willie Nelson

Already Fell- The Music Dept.

Quiet Hearts- Amy Stroup

Optimism- Jarrod Gorbel

In The Moonlight- Susie Suh

Calls Me Home- Shannon LaBrie

Yellow Bird- Bess Rogers

Brooklyn (Instrumental)- Wakey! Wakey!

Here Before- Lissie

7×22 Almost Everything I Wish I’d Said The Last Time I Saw You

Timshel- Mumford & Sons

Golden Love- Midnight Youth

Off Track- The Features

Light Outside- Wakey! Wakey!

On time- The Disco Biscuits feat. TuPhace

Don’t Wake Up- The Kissaway Trail

Poor Boy- Blind Pilot

The Temporary Blues- The Features

New Year- The Kissaway Trail

Almost Everything- Wakey! Wakey!

How Long?- Jarrod Gorbel

Carry You Home- Nashville Skyline

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