When It’s Over – The Danny Velasco Band (Preview One Last Time)

Home Again – Daena Jay (Preview A Rush of Blood to the Head)

9×01- Know This, We’ve Noticed

The Sun- The Naked and Famous

Holy Moly- Cathy Davey

Traffic Lights- Emile Millar

Lines- Pink Moth

Sleeper- Branches

Heavy Heart, Heavy Hands- Sunday Lane

Always- Blind Pilot

Sunday Mornings- Casey Hurt

Loaded Gun- Tyler Hilton

Reckless One- Sunday Lane

What I Love About Your Love- Jana Kramer

New York- Blind Pilot

9×02- In the Room Where You Sleep

Where You Are- The Submarines

You And Me- Ben Rector

Sad- Daphne Willis

What I Love About Your Love- Jana Kramer

We’re Gonna Make It- Michael May

Box of Stones- Benjamin Francis Leftwich

Fall- Lanu

Following Footsteps- Greg Holden

I Can See You Shine- Gabe Dixon

Real- Amy May

Kickin’ My Heels- Tyler Hilton

9×03- Love The Way You Lie

If I Wanted Someone- Dawes

Airhead (There’s the Moment)- Right The Stars

Imposter- Jocelyn Alice

Great Move North- Faces On Film

Colors- April Smith & The Great Picture Show

Unless I’m Led- Mates Of State

It’s Alright- Waterdeep

Dancing On A Comet’s Tail- Dazzler

Bubble Shaker- Tarik NuClothes

Be No Lie- The Wooden Birds

Bunz Of Steel- Extreme Production Music

Yours And Mine- Brooke Annibale

Electrik Laserland- Extreme Production Music

Tamer Animals- Other Lives

9×04- Don’t You Want to Share the Guilt

St. Christopher (On My Way)- Michael Logen

Clouds And A Bee- Goddamn Electric Bill

Trouble- One Two

Monday Morning- Death Cab For Cutie

Lioness- Calhoun

No Such Thing As Time- Elenowen

Bring You Home- Peter Bradley Adams

Carry Me- Justine Bennett

9×05- The Killing Moon

Where I Can’t Follow- Amy Kuney

Litost- Ambassadors

I Can See The Light- Right The Stars

Thorn Castles- Gardens & Villa

Greenleaf- Generationals

Free My Mind- Katie Herzig

Midnight Starlight- Jason Walker

Mothers- S. Carey

No Light, No Light- Florence + The Machine

9×06- Catastrophe and the Cure

Black Eyes- Radical Face

We Are The Tide- Blind Pilot

My Demons Are Organized- Cameron McGill & What Army

Too Little Too Late- Paul McLinden

Run- Elenowen

Restless- Switchfoot

Prince of Nothing Charming- Tyler Hilton

Bunz Of Steel- Extreme Production Music

After Thought- Company Of Thieves

Hear the Bells- Vanessa Carlton

Hourglass- Drew Holcomb & The Neighbors

9×07- Last Known Surroundings

Joey- The Horrible Crowes

Graveyard- Feist

Don’t You Worry- The Dimes

Under Streetlights- Brooke Annibale

Sabotage- Amy Stroup

Take Your Time- Cary Brothers

(Not So) Sad And Lonely- DJ Shadow

Islands- Hey Ocean!

The Streets- Avalanche City

Lordy May- Boy & Bear

If I Had A Gun…- Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds

9×08- A Rush of Blood to the Head

Chapel Song- We Are Augustines

Barrel of Leaves- We Are Augustines

Cold Water- Damien Rice

Let It Linger- Perrin Lamb

Flicker- Rosi Golan

Sorrowing Man- City & Colour

9×09- Every Breath Is A Bomb

Night Out- Promise and The Monster

My Only One- Boy & Bear

Only Now- JBM

Remember- Dreamboat Money

Last Thing- Matter

Flying Into Tokyo- Magnetic Man

Crooked Branches- JBM

At The Bonfire- Novosti

Housewarming- Lucius

Dark Eyes- The Hangmen

Forgiveness- Robin Foster

9×10- Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will

Forests- JBM

Leave My Body- Florence + The Machine

Chameleon/Comedian- Kathleen Edwards

Reset- Lucie Silvas

9×11- Danny Boy

Never Let Me Go- Florence + The Machine

Stay By Your Side- Waterdeep

Emily’s Rain- Peter Bradley Adams

Vice Verses- Switchfoot

The Best Thing- Doveman

Goodbye Goodbye Goodbye- Michel Logen

Life’s Little Game- Jack Savoretti

I Believe- Brooke Annibale

Us Against The World- Coldplay

9×12- Anyone Who Had A Heart

The Day Is Long, the Night Is Young- Trent Dabbs

Stay By Your Side- Cathy Heller

Feeling Of Being- Lucy Schwartz

Protecting God- Eastern Block

Out of the Storm- Green River Ordinance

Gimme Sunshine- Ryan Adams

Empty Threat- Kathleen Edwards

Morning Light- Jonathan Jones

Everything Is Brilliant- Rosi Golan

Free Like You Make Me- Cary Brothers

9×13- One Tree Hill

Half Moon- Blind Pilot

Blue Sky- Bethany Joy Galeotti (Patty Griffin)

Gun Is Loaded- Amie Miriello

Loaded Gun- Tyler Hilton

Feel Better- Jay Buchanan

Soldier- Gavin DeGraw

Sugar- The Horrible Crowes

Belief- Gavin DeGraw

I Believe Jesus Brought Us Together- The Horrible Crowes

I Don’t Want To Be- Gavin DeGraw

One Tree Hill- U2


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